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Agro-met advisory services: Smallholder farmers use their indigenous knowledge and experience to observe the varying weather and adapt for their agricultural practices. But the fast changing climates are affecting this age-old wisdom. The rate of climate change is outpacing traditional knowledge on the climate variability and capacity to deal with the impact. There is currently no system

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Date (DD/MM/YY
Ethiopian Calender)
Crop Wholesale (birr/quintal) Retail (birr/kg) Farm get price Market Grade
12/01/2013 Black Teff N/A 37 N/A Kotebe
12/01/2013 White Teff N/A 48 N/A Kotebe
12/01/2013 White Maize N/A 15 N/A Kotebe
12/01/2013 Red Maize N/A 14 N/A Kotebe
12/01/2013 White Wheat N/A 26 N/A Kotebe